Mon Petit Art presents its 5 origami kits! Violet, Blue, Pink, Turquoise and Green: every kit has the name of the color that predominates in the papers. All of the patterns have been realized by artists and papers are print with metallic and fluorescent effects to give a precious aspect to the folding!

You want to embark on the origami adventure, but you have never experimented origami before? It’s not a problem! Every origami kit includes a booklet with instructions which explains very simply how to realize foldings. Here are a few examples of what you will be able to realize with the origami kits Mon Petit Art. Ready to go? Let’s start with the classic crane. Give wings to this beautiful bird! Origami cranes can be attached together into a beautiful mobile. Those cranes had been realized with the Green origami kit by Mini Labo.

Origami with tender heart! This beautiful folding can be used as a book mark or to decorate your festive tables. Those hearts has been realized with the Pink origami kit by Georges et Rosalie. 

What a delicate dress to go dancing! The folding becomes the dress and the patterns a beautiful satin silk. A very cute folding, realized with the Blue origami kit by Emilie Capman. 

A long swarm of origami! Those little boxes can be assembled with strings to create a beautiful creative garland. Colors follow one another in beautiful color harmonies. Those little boxes had been realized with the Pink origami kit by Georges et Rosalie.

With those origami kits and their instruction booklet, you hold in your hands infinite possibilities of creation! Stars, flowers, envelopes... and so much more!

Blue, Pink, Violet, Turquoise: which origami kit will you choose? 




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